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About US

Launching in October 2017! NZ Nakeds are passionate about motorsport especially anything on two wheels. Road sport bikes is where our passion lies. We are different to other tour companies as we offer premium super naked bikes.

We believe it’s all about offering the best riding experience and in our eyes that combines sport bike performance with comfort riding and the best roads.

New Zealand owned and operated

New Zealand born and bred we are passionate about New Zealand and all it has to offer. We want to showcase our beautiful country to the world and what better way to do that than on a machine that seems to be made for New Zealand roads!

What dreams are made of

“Over the years I have owned and ridden predominantly sport bikes, I often ask myself why sport bikes? Adrenaline from the power, the unrelenting grin you get from testing yourself on the twisty roads to the feeling of being free, at one with machine and mother nature, to the unnerving feeling of how fragile and delicate we are as humans keeping you alert. I find when on a great bike and on roads that dreams are made of I get the same buzz as when doing sky diving or other equally awesome adrenalin activities.”

Super naked motorcycles burst onto the scene in 2014, revolutionising the sport bike industry. Sport bike handling and power but still comfortable and usable on the street!

The combination is perfect for taking full advantage of New Zealands twisty roads. After riding super naked bikes on these roads we were hooked and so sparked the beginning of NZ Nakeds Motorcycle Tours…

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